Connaught Place and its pixeled memory became a part of every individual who happens to stay in Delhi at any particular time of their life. The place with a Lutyen’s heart adds charm to every diliwala who happens to be a part of its memory lane. Say it’s the large narrowed lanes, or the transverse between the inner, middle and outer circle. Connaught Place has added to its direction everything that probably a historian would like to prescribe.

Connaught Place flying the tricolor at the center, not only denotes the passion of India and Indian but also is a place submitting to the secular Idea of India.

With this blog, I will take you on a trip to this place which in itself has made a huge memory mark in my life too.

Irresistible Connaught Place and its remarks:

Must-Visit Restaurants in Connaught Place:

If not anything, CP is definitely known for the pubs and clubs that it hosts in itself. Almost every month, we can see something new coming up in the lanes of this place. Some of the most famous ones to reach to would be VAULT CAFÉ, LORD OF THE DRINKS, OPENHOUSE CAFÉ with its live music, and UNITED COFFEE HOUSE with its authentic coffee dining and probably there are many more to fill up this bucket list.

Janpath and Palika Bazaar:

Street Shopping lovers of Delhi, CP here presents to you the most varied culture with Janpath and Palika at your relevance. From Electronics to clothes to accessories, this places makes extra efforts to accomplish and execute their vision to the best of their efforts. Never to disappoint the customer attitude, they are considered to be the best street shopping destination for every individual.

CP - The Secular India:

India’s Constitution talks about the idea of a secular nation and yes we as a country has always been successful in accomplishing the same. But you must be confused why and how CP has to do with it. Ashoka Road is a complete example of this. Celebrating religion and culture to its utmost level, Ashoka road in its lane comprises of the Hanuman Mandir, Bangla Saheb Gurudwara, Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, and a Masjid too. No Doubt Delhi and its place always making us go amazed.

The Central Park:

The Central Park is centrally placed over the current functional underground Metro Station and set amidst the ever-crowded commercial area of Connaught Place generally filled with a mix of fewer Indians and mostly Foreigners who enjoy their daily shopping spree in Palika Bazaar (Underground Shopping Complex) or the Branded Stores. The Central Park situated at the innermost location holds the largest flag of India. The Central Park of CP is also seen with 21 Fountains set amidst 4 Water Bodies with a water cascade fringed with lights on the contours of each fountain and the cascade.

Commercial Hub of Delhi:

Connaught Place which was named after the Duke of Connaught (British Raj) and now renamed officially as ‘Rajiv Chowk’ is known to be one of the largest central commercial and business hubs of New Delhi. According to CBRE Group, “CP is the fourth-most expensive office destination in the world. Despite the fact that Connaught Place has limited supply of prime office space, its location in the heart of India’s capital, coupled with great infrastructure and connectivity to other parts of the city, makes it an ideal location for any business to be in”, Anshuman Magazine, Chairman — India & South-East Asia, CBRE said in a statement.

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