About Us

How Travelamigos started?

Like every other dream which starts with just a small amount of inspiration and a humongous amount of courage to implement it in reality, the same ways Travelamigos came in the picture. 

Travelamigos was a dream lived and imagined by two individuals, who with the help and support of their friends, family and team had made it possible to bring out to people the stories which they can connect to and that can remain in their memories lifelong.

So join us on our journey!!!

Firstly a big Thank You for stopping by on this website, it means a lot to us.

About the Founder:

Suraj Sagar - Travelamigos Founder

Hi, my name is Suraj Sagar

I am still a kid at heart who loves to travel and socialize with people. For me “Travel = Learning” learning about diversity in every region, learning about different cultures, food, religious belief, social issues and exploring the entire world from a microscopic level. Also for me, travel is an activity where you start learning and accepting things from a new perspective. While traveling you meet with new people who have different beliefs and opinion far opposite from your opinions and you experience some different delicacies which are very uncommon for your taste bud. Challenges, Happiness, and Adventure are few things which we experience while traveling and I think this acceptance changes you as a human being. 

I did BA in Mass Communication and Journalism and worked in various Brands and Big production houses of Mumbai. But after working for many big brands in the media industry, I realized that there is only one thing which feeds my soul i.e – Traveling and Making travel films.

And let me tell you Frankly I am still struggling to become a Full-time Digital Nomad. But I know, I will soon become one. Very soon..!! 

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About the Co-Founder:

Hi, my name is Pranshu Singh

From my early childhood days, I had a passion for traveling. Seeing travel shows on channels like TLC, Discovery, and History TV, etc. I used too imagine myself living life of a traveler. But little did I know, what seemed to be a child imagination that time would become a reality today. 

I am working in an IT firm from last 4 years as an IT Professional, but my dream of becoming a traveler and starting my own travel journal took me from a travel enthusiast to a travel blogger. It is both Suraj and I who has setup this small venture of ours and aiming to live our lives making the most of it through our Travel journey. I feel travel is more than just visiting unknown places. It’s about learning. You may ask as to what type of learning it is ? When travelling in an unplanned manner you will have to encounter numerous incidents which will give you the grit and zeal to solve it. This will make an individual stronger and confident. The list is long and my love for traveling is deep. 

Our Company Vision:

While selecting a company name its really very essential to keep the name with respect to the motive of your company. “Amigos” is a Spanish word which means friends. The name “Travelamigos” suffice the meaning of making friends on your journey, connecting to their stories and henceforth adding a new friend to your bucket list because traveling is all about meeting new people and sharing their piece of cake with a smile. We always wanted to create a place where we can connect with people and Travelamigos is a start of that.

Digital space is a platform which has no boundaries. We are trying to spread positivity and a moment of happiness to each and every individual through our Travel Stories, Food Blogs, Lifestyle Content.


To bring to the masses the true essence of a place, its people, its culture and its uniqueness.
To give travel a new definition by our work of bringing up simple yet authentic stories of different places and through such efforts, build a platform of different travel stories to which the people can connect.

Travelamigos targets on making travel stories highlighting the major aspects of a place, like a place itself, its people, culture, food, any kind of geographical or historical relevance, etc, bringing out the uniqueness of the place. We try to bring out the unheard stories of a place through our work.


What to expect from Travelamigos?

If you share the same passion as ours and wish to contribute in any way, please write to us on info.travelamigos@gmail.com. We specialize in videos and articles on unique food and travel experiences from around the world. If you wish to collaborate with us or advertise on our platform and reach out to the highly engaged millennials, write to us on contact@travelamigos.in.


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